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 Lithe's Bio

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PostSubject: Lithe's Bio   Lithe's Bio I_icon_minitimeWed Feb 24, 2010 12:11 am

Name: Lithe Eaum
Age: 18 when turned
Date of Birth: Janurary 20, 1990

Sex: Female
Species: Vampire

Eye Color: Soft gray, a shade or two darker than the color of the retina ((the whites of the eye. unsure of the name if retina was right))
Hair Color: Blue
Height: 5'7
Weight: 110 lbs at most

Appearance: ((Unsure of how to explain her outfit. Hope that it's all right if I only explain some of her outfit)) Long blue hair falling down to her knees. The hood of her black cloak hides her eyes as does the bangs of her hair which fall to her chin. The cloak is cut at several parts of her body. The shoulder is cut just above her elbow then the second piece is cut just under the elbow and covers down to her hands. Under the arm pieces, is a purple piece of cloth. The cloak falls down to her feet. White pieces are wrapped around her calves and a purple piece is wrapped around her legs from the knees down. On her feet are brown shoes, simple and flat.

Abilities: Her ability is a cross between Edward's and Aro's. She is able to read fleeting thoughts of humans, or any creature around her, like Edward. Though if she comes in contact with a person, she can dig through the mind to find deep, hidden thoughts, though she cannot read all thoughts like Aro can. She is able to 'sift' through thoughts, as it were.

Personality: Lithe is normally very detached. She is not one to show emotion unless she's angry at something or someone. Her will to not bite humans has grown since she was turned and now it could be as great as Carlisle's.

History: Lithe grew up in a normal household though she, herself, was never normal. She was, as people call it today, goth or emo. Mostly she wore black and nothing like what she wears now. When she was human, most of her tiny figure was hidden under black clothes and a similar cloak to the one she wears now. At the age of eighteen, she left home and her overprotective and very judgemental parents. They had never liked her look and always tried to change her. She was actually born with blue hair, an oddity they never knew how she got, and they tried to color it but she wouldn't let them. Her town was small and not known of the vampires that stalked the townspeople, cattle and other beasts in the town. When she left the town, on the night of her eighteenth birthday, she was found by a small rogue group of vampires. Each took her blood but she was not drunk clean and because of that, she changed. It was several weeks before she had all of her strength. At this stage, she was still a newborn and went into the town to feed. She may have been a newborn but she knew exactly what she was doing. The first she took her thirst out on were her parents. She remembers everything that happened since she was turned and believes that's why she feels no emotions at times.

Current Living Area: Forks

Strengths: ((Unsure of what you mean for this))

Weaknesess: ((Unsure of what you mean for this))

Family: Only family she had she killed

Friends: None as of now. A loner

Photos Lithe
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PostSubject: Re: Lithe's Bio   Lithe's Bio I_icon_minitimeWed Feb 24, 2010 12:17 am

hm......I wanna see how this plays out. approved. hehehe
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Lithe's Bio
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