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 Elissa Salvator [[ Troy's Mother]]

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PostSubject: Elissa Salvator [[ Troy's Mother]]   Elissa Salvator [[ Troy's Mother]] I_icon_minitimeWed Mar 24, 2010 10:50 pm

Elissa Salvator [[ Troy's Mother]] Reese-Witherspoon-Layers-fb-34249808

Name: Elissa Salvator

Gender: female

Age: 37

Race: Human

Birth Day: October 22, 1972

Occupation: Principle at Eternal Rose High School

Elissa has long blonde hair with dark blonde highlights. When her students see her she is usually in a pants suit. But when she is just at home or going around town she likes to be comfortable. So she will be wearing her hair up in a twisted messy bun with a t-shirt and jeans on.

Elissa grew up in Georgia, when she was younger she loved to ride horses and go four wheeling. She was a real wild child and southern girl at heart. She was also the head cheerleader of her highschool cheer squad. As a Senior she had a tight relationship with the principle and theat was when she decided that, that is what she wanted to be. Graduating at the top of her class she earned a scholarship to the University of Tennessee in knoxville. During her second year of college she met her husband (Troy's Father) Once she was out of school they got married.

Not too long after she had her son Troy, she was offered a job at Eternal Rose High School as their principle. The whole family then moved to the small town. She loved being there, but a few years later her husband decides that he doesn't like the small town life and when Elissa refuses to give up her job and move he takes Troy and moves to California. Troy went back and forth between the houses for a few years and Elissa decided that, that wasn't the life that she wanted for her son. So she willingly said that he could stay in California with his father.

Family: ex-husband - Sam Salvator
Son- Troy Salvator

Other: Single

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Elissa Salvator [[ Troy's Mother]]
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