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 Hayden Lamerson

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PostSubject: Hayden Lamerson   Hayden Lamerson I_icon_minitimeFri Apr 02, 2010 5:15 pm

- Hayden Lamerson RobThomas2 -

Hayden Lamerson




Birth Day:
June 23


Hayden keeps his hair short with his sea-green eyes. He wears jeans and a short sleeve shirt with his jacket. Hayden always wears sunglasses to prevent anyone from seeing his eyes. He is 6'1" and weights at 210lbs.

Hayden lived in Germany with his siter Layla. They were both Reapers and very close. Layla was assigned a mission from one of thier leaders to hunt one of the last Light Beings. They told her it was a strong one to be careful. Hayden and Layla went to the location in Berlin to hunt for this being. When Layla found the light being who was also a vampire seemed to startle her. They fought in the end Danille one. When Hayden came running he saw that Danille had stabbed his sister with her athamay. Hayden ran at her and was able to stab her before she disappeared. Hayden looked at his sister who was barely alive. She gave her power to him with the job of getting rid of the light being no matter how long it takes. He soon after left his leaders to hunt the light being down. Hayden soon found out who the being was and it made it easier for him to hunt her down. The only vampires he is friends with are the Volturi.

Hayden is nice towards humans and his sister before she was killed. He can be nice to certain others of his kind. He despies Werewolves and Vampires. He wants severe revenge on Danille. He is very repectful to the Volturi not wanting to anger them. He can't hurt children for its against his will.

- Fast and very Strong
- Stealthy

- Werewolves

Layla(sister)-killed by Danille


Reapers are commonly mistaken as normal humans and sometimes vampires. Reapers are not vampires for they do not need blood to live nor they human. Reapers are immortal and can only be killed by being stabbed through the heart with a strong metal or by fangs of werewolves. Most people don't know what they are due to their scent smelling like human. Reapers are known for Assassinations. They usally work with dark forces trying to get rid of vampires, demons, and other creatures. They are weak towards Werewolves. Once a reaper is assinged or chooses a target they will not give up until that target is dead or they themselves are dead. There eyes usally give them away as the iris is a slit instead of being round. When they hunt they are able to make the target fear them no matter what they are. Some have 1 to 2 speacial abilities. The older they get the stronger and more powerful they get. There are only 50 of them left.

Danille - Mystic - Sita - Renesmee - Kyle - Brayden - Sabina
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PostSubject: Re: Hayden Lamerson   Hayden Lamerson I_icon_minitimeTue Jun 01, 2010 4:11 pm

approved. careful and don't go over board. have fun. Very Happy:D:D

Hayden Lamerson 29yme5i
Hayden Lamerson Uwyms
children: Ryder and Riana (Viktor and Saffire's children)
Dark beings: Demona and Moritos
cannon: Jasper Hale
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Hayden Lamerson
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