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PostSubject: Vlixer Matinle (Canon: Dracul's coven)   Vlixer Matinle I_icon_minitimeSat Apr 10, 2010 9:33 pm

Vlixer Matinle 14ctgjm

Name: Vlixer Matinle

Gender: Male

Age: Looks 19, really 4,685

Race: Vampire

Birth Day: June 3

Occupation: Guard in Dracul's coven

Description: Has dark crimson eyes, and they turn black when he is thirsty. Vlixer has blond hair that is always messy and he is at the height of 6'1. He usually wears dark colored button-up shirts and jeans.

History: Vlixer started out in a rich family in Spain which soon, after time, turned into a family of poverty. He really didn't like materialistic things, as his other family members supposedly 'needed'. He was happier out in nature, forests, anything relating to such. But, that really wasn't such a great thing considering the danger he soon faced. He had gone out to the forest and gotten attacked by a vampire. He soon was one himself, and hated himself for it. Vlixer thought of vampires as 'abominations' when he heard the legends about them. And when he, himself, was turned to one, he tried to kill himself as many ways as he could think possible. When none worked, he ended up wallowing in misery.

For as long as he could manage, he ignored the burning thirst. But, when he came across the scent of a human, he just lost control. Vlixer was still a newborn, and he had no training of how to restrain his thirst other then avoiding humans all together. He drank the poor human clean but was horrified with his self when he realized what he had done. For hundreds of years, he wandered and wallowed, feeding when he needed but hating the necessity and guilt that overwhelmed him after.

Around the time of which he was 300 years old, he finally found out his ability; to manifest and manipulate fire. He was fascinated with it and had childishly used it on trees. Which didn't exactly have a good effect considering he didn't know how to extinguish the
flame, and naturally it spread and a few towns and cities got some of the forest fire which caused Vlixer to flee the area and make himself, though it was difficult, to keep from using his ability for the sake of humans. Sadly enough, never once had he ever thought of his human family, who by the time were long gone.

When he was around 700 years old, he came upon Dracul and had joined his coven. There, Vlixer met Angelina [quite a few years later after he became apart of the Dracul coven] whom is the closest friend he has. He trained himself when he arrived to be able to control his ability better to make sure his coven was in no danger. And now, he is a guard of Dracul, and is very loyal to him.

Personality: Most of the time serious, and often dangerous when harm comes towards his coven. He would sacrifice his own existence to keep them all safe. Vlixer is trustworthy and is a good friend. He can be playful at times (usually around Angelina), and is often sarcastic when messing around.

Strengths: controlling his ability, hiding his true emotions, fighting, staying loyal, fulfilling promises

Weaknesses: Angelina, thinking of when he was a newborn, his temper

Ability: Fire manifestation and manipulation.

Family: All human family deceased, the Dracul Coven

Friends: Angelina, Dracul

Other: Has no mate
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PostSubject: Re: Vlixer Matinle   Vlixer Matinle I_icon_minitimeSat Apr 10, 2010 10:28 pm

approved. Very Happy

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