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 Hatter and Adam Darkous

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PostSubject: Hatter and Adam Darkous   Sun Apr 11, 2010 7:13 pm

Name: Hatter Darkous [Tyberious Zaca]

Gender: Male

Age: 21 [2000]

Race: vampire

Birth Day: Doesn’t remember (turned August 14th)

Occupation: Writer/Artist/Owner of Goddess Tea

Description: A tall man with black hair and dresses oddly; his skin is a pale color as it use to be a dark tan color. Eyes are golden, a golden necklace around his neck with a silver rabbit pendant that he as given as a gift. His face has a little bit of a scruff.

Hatter is a werid man, was born to a traveling Gypsy family whom performed for the public all over the world. He had lived the life the way his family wanted, till he came to England where his family was going to perform for the royal family. He met a girl with blue eyes named Selene whose eyes entranced him almost to the point he followed her for three days before even speaking to her. When he did talk to her, they became great friends till the night in England when they were going to perform for a noble. The noble was a werewolf named Lucious whom wanted blood. The wolf attacked his family feeding his coven but then slashed Hatter. But in the streets it was fair game as the wolf was knocked back by a vampire named Selene. The one he fell for. Lying there dying, Hatter’s last sight was the blood eyes before Selene injected her venom into his lower lip.
After being turned, he followed Selene around like a lost puppy protecting her from anyone. He entertained her with his circus skills and fighting his urges. But he looked at her eyes so much that he fell for her completely, causing him to be jealous a lot but when he admitted her feelings to her around Adam one of the new vampires; well things didn’t go to well. He threw her into a wall and cracked her skin when she rejected him claiming that it isn’t true. Realizing what he did, Hatter left even when Selene told him that it was fine if he stayed. Hatter couldn’t take it, so he left with out a word other than saying “I’m sorry my love.” Going around the world he found comfort is making tea and writing, so he wrote a series based on his life and the vampire world but changing things a bit. He ended up making a tea store that became a hit as he called it Goddess Tea after Selene. After about four hundred years, he finally spoke to Selene by letters as he missed her and was still inlove with her eyes. Moving to America, finding that things have not been going well. Receiving a call from Julius his younger brother of the Darkous family. Hatter dropped everything he rushed to eternal rose as fast as he could to help only to find that Tidus and his wife were already on the suicide mission.

Personality: A kind man that is rather tricky. He loves odd clothing, and making tea. Hatter likes to make things for fun, and cause trouble once in a while. All in all, he is loyal to his vampire kind to a fault. He doesn’t like Troy nor Drake.

- Art
- Writing
- Making Tea
- Loyalty

- Selene Darkous
- His temper
- World History

Ability: None

-Darkous family
-Human family (Dead)
-King Dracul

None for now – Adam Darkous -

Other: No Mate


Name: Adam Corvin Darkous

Gender: Male

Age: 18 (543)

Race: Wizard/Vampire

Birth Day: October 25th

Occupation: Student

Description: Platinum blonde hair and looks to be around 18, he dresses normally in dark clothing or in casual clothing. Carrying a little book in his back pocket that contains his spells as he carries a little bag of herbs in his pocket that can cause harm. Golden eyes that are normally changed by a spell to hide them.

History: Adam was one of those mages that wanted more in life; living in a family of witches and psychics, he met many races. But the one that he liked was the vampires. Growing up, he learned as much as he could about the race, but his family frowned upon it. They kicked him out after he lost the contest as head of the family. Being devastated by it, he sat in the rain alone will a vampire with blue eyes walked up to him with a man with a funny hat. Adam was taken to the Darkous home where he was turned into a vampire when he turned eighteen. Always thankful for the family that took him in, after a couple of decades, he went out on his own to learn about the world knowing that at least the family was safe.
For years Adam studied with the humans and mages, out living his own brother whom had cheated him out of head of the Corvin family. He ended up learning new magic that rose in Africa and new Orleans that gave him an edge against those who threaten him. He kept in contact with Selene through letters and after a while phones. But then…he got the call while in China learning about spiritual magic. How Tidus and Anna were in trouble, and how things have gone wrong. He left his training sensei going to America where he met Hatter at the airport. They headed to Tennessee to help as best they could since things have gone to hell.

Personality: Proud of being a wizard and a vampire, he isn’t afraid to speak his mind even to Aro or Dracul. Bright, he is smart in spells but not in many human things. A nice man but at the same time cold hearted.


-human history
-Challenges – he is stubborn and will accept any challenge just to prove he is stronger
-Wolves-they scare him

Mage: Spells – Potions – is known for his fire and chaotic pain magic

Corvin family (Dead)
Darkous family
Selene Darkous (Maker – thinks of her as a mother/little sister figure)

Friends: None – No mate



children: Ryder and Riana (Viktor and Saffire's children)
Dark beings: Demona and Moritos
cannon: Jasper Hale

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PostSubject: Re: Hatter and Adam Darkous   Sun Apr 11, 2010 7:18 pm

Of course they are approved Wink


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Hatter and Adam Darkous
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