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PostSubject: King Dracul   King Dracul I_icon_minitimeWed Feb 24, 2010 1:22 am

King Dracul Pbucket

Name: King Dracul

Gender: Male

Age: 5989 (looks 27)

Race: royal Vampire

Birth Day: Unknown. Celebrates it on October 25th

Occupation: Head of the Dracul coven in Romania.

Description: Black hair like a raven, as it is long. His eyes are the color of blood but show much kindness and warm heartedness. Standing tall and strong, he isn’t one for backing down from a challenge. Dressing in old fashion clothing, always dress to impress.

Dracul was born to a noble man before being turned by the former king, he took the name Dracul after being turned into a vampire at the age of 25, but his life made him look a little older. He started off as a human hating, human killing machine that wanted to make humans fear him and the vampire race. But one day after the Volturi took control of the reigns. He became depressed and killed more humans that is when he met a child of the human world. She walked right up to him giving him a bunch of flowers; asking him to not hurt her family. Achild no older than the age of two asking that of him; his heart softened a bit as he saw that he was taring apart families like his maker had with him. The child though was sick, so he took the child saying that he will never attack another human as long as he kept the human child named Sophia.
HE raised the child as his own, keeping her human as he began making plans to have humans walk with vampires side by side. Though the volturi stood against him. His coven began to grow but then one day Sophia died her human life; and Dracul cried for the first time in his life time. Dracul swore to make Sophia’s and his dreams come true since he treated her like his own daughter. What he didn’t know is that it was Demetri that poisoned the child on one of her trips. Dracul began hosting parties, and balls gathering vampires that will follow his rule. Recruiting Jane and Alec of the Volturi to help him with his goal. He considers them part of his family, as well as the Darkous and Cullens. Dracul doesn't travel much, but he keeps a fair hand in the ways of the vampire. Encouraging vampires making friends with humans as the Volturi are trying to keep that from happening. When he heard of Bella and edward's story, it gave him hope for the future as well as maybe makng peace between the vampires and te wolves. His eyes always knowing who he really is, he will face his destruction he had caused in the past with a gentle hand in hopes for the future. With the help of vampires and other families.

Kind and sweet, he is noble to a fault. Wanting nothing more than peace, he appears as a happy man. But once a year he is set in depression cause of the dead mortal child he raised as his own. He cares about every vampire life, and hopes to one day have peace with the Volturi. Will fight though for what he believes in, and not back down.

Fighting, words, leadership

Weaknesess: Garlic cause the smell bugs his senses, Sophia’s grave, his temper for the volturi

Ability: He has skills of blood manipulation to control someone like a puppet. Blood explosion: causing mortal and immortal blood to explode in their vanes. Speed. Transformation: his skin becomes tougher as his hands are turned into claws as his mouth becomes that of razor sharp teeth with longer fangs that over lap his lips.

Family: Sophia (human) (Dead)
Selene Darkous (vampire- heir)
Dracul Clan

Darkous coven

Other: has no mate
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King Dracul
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