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 KRaven Revos and Adrian Revos (Devil woods killer)

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PostSubject: KRaven Revos and Adrian Revos (Devil woods killer)   Sun May 16, 2010 3:53 pm

True form:

Name: Kraven Revos “The Devil Woods Murderor”

Gender: Male

Age: 40/3214

Race: Helitos
Helitos are known as hellions. Evil people whom want to kill anything they see, but they can be persuaded by those they fall in love with to stop the killing. But once their mate is killed, they go back to killing forever moarning the one that they lost. They love blood more than anything. This race has two forms, one is a gruesome look that causes them to make people turn away but the other makes them run away in fear. They are what you should fear at night, as these people are more feared than vampires or even some hybrids. They pick a spot to kill in which is it wear they are made. Helitos are hard to kill as their wounds heal rapidly as their true form is vicious frightful full of claws.

Birth Day: Unknown

Occupation: Police Officer

Tall and strong, he tends to lean more towards the baggy clothing. His face looking like it was stitched back together, while his eyes are yellow that when someone stares into them their dark truths come out. His head is bald, as he has a bit of a creepy vibe when watching him. Tied around his neck is a pouch of nails from his victims and eyelids. He has over 5000 victims so far.

Kraven was risen in Eternal rose, summoned there by Druids whom wanted him to get rid of the wolves. But instead, Kraven killed the druids and then went for the wolves. Sadly, he could not defeat them all leaving a few of them to live. Leaving the area, he came back every fifteen years to kill humans sadly the wolves drove him off everytime that he did. But his last trip the murders stopped after two when he met Malina a woman that he fell for and didn’t judge him. He stopped killing staying with her for three years, having a son together. But then just as they were starting to live in their new house, he was found out. Taking his family to the woods where he commited the murders to hide their scent by the blood, the wolves came. Kraven tried to fend them off with his powers, but sadly the wolves that came behind mistook Malina for a creature like himself. They tore her apart while Kraven tried to save her. But it was too late, Kraven killed a few of the wolves before running away with his two year old Son name Adrian. Going to florida and traveling to a few places where he started his killing again.
When his son turned 17, Kraven decided to go back to the town. To take his full revenge on the wolves and those there to wipe them out for his love Malina that was killed by the last pack. Now that he is back in town, the murders have started up again while he poses as a police officer.

Personality: Cold hearted man that wants to kill wolves and humans. His favorite victims are the pure and innocent, his heart though still mourns the loss of his love. Full of Pride and fear for his son, he wants to be a good father but at the same time he wants to kill the wolves. Conflicting feelings in his head since his race is rare to come by. Loving blood, he enjoys cutting parts off and burying them for later. He has been known to cook up humans and feed them to his guests.

Strengths: Killing, cooking humans, surgery skills

Weaknesess: Humans, wolves, innocent mortals, his features

Hells fire – shields him
Death’s claws/weapons – his true form his claws can mean instant death to anyone that isn’t vampires or wolf. In his mortal form, he can hold weapons such as knives making one cut into his victims that will send a poison through their body causing death within seconds. Its how he can kill so easily without any problems.
True form: Flight

Wife: Malina Crome (Dead)
Son: Adrian Revos (Dead)
Parents: unknown.

Old friend – Aro Volturi, James (dead), Victoria (dead)

Other: lives in an old run down house in the woods where not many people bother him. Carries a knife in his back pocket.

Name: Adrian Revos

Gender: Male

Age: 17

Race: Helitos/human

Birth Day: Jan 25th

Occupation: none


Adrian was born as a half human, his father the devil woods killer or claimed to be. After he turned two, his mother was killed by the wolves whom thought she was the devil woods killer but his father took him away to try and train him. But all Adrian wanted to do was enjoy his life and be laid back. Being Half Helitos meant he was known for being a devil in disguise. His race is known for causing nothing but trouble. Living in the swamps of maimi florida, Adrian knew the water areas pretty well as his father kept killing he hid the bodies while he wanted to live his life away from that. But each time he tried to go forward into the future, his father brings him back down. He blames his father for his mother’s death, but also the town of Eternal Rose. Swearing if he ever went back to that town, he would kill them. Now that they are returning to Eternal Rose, he planned on taking revenge on the wolves whom killed his mother.

Personality: He is a kind hearted man till you take him to Eternal Rose. He hates wolves with a firie passion wanting to kill them and make their lives hell. Never liking his father, he isn’t going to let the last remaining member of his family die even if it meant covering up for his father.

Strengths: Drawing, cutting, hiding

Weaknesess: Pretty faces, mother’s and children (won’t kill them), knives he loves knives

Hypnosis – doesn’t work on wolves
Hell fire – fire that rises up around him shielding him from harm while burning the enemies.
Truth sight – His eyes glow yellow causing ones true self show itself.

Mother – Malina Crome (dead – murdered by the Eternal Rose Tribe)
Father – Panic Revos (Helitos)

Friends: None

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PostSubject: Re: KRaven Revos and Adrian Revos (Devil woods killer)   Mon May 17, 2010 10:46 pm

I like it but I want to see what other people have to offer. just incase tay or Ansley want to give it a shot.


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PostSubject: Re: KRaven Revos and Adrian Revos (Devil woods killer)   Wed May 19, 2010 2:44 pm

approved but you are not the only one. you and Tay are both the devil woods killers. so have fun.


children: Ryder and Riana (Viktor and Saffire's children)
Dark beings: Demona and Moritos
cannon: Jasper Hale
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PostSubject: Re: KRaven Revos and Adrian Revos (Devil woods killer)   

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KRaven Revos and Adrian Revos (Devil woods killer)
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