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 Jewell Diamond

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PostSubject: Jewell Diamond   Jewell Diamond I_icon_minitimeWed Feb 24, 2010 8:41 am

Jewell Diamond AjAly_10

Name: Jewell Diamond

Nickname(s): Jewelly, Jewells, Jew

Age: 206 (looks 16)

Gender: Female

Hometown: Ireland

Race/ Species: Half Vampire

Jewell will normally be wearing jeans, converse and a baby-doll tee. Depending on what modd she is in or what is going on she will wear a skirt or dress. Also she does have naturally curly hair, but she straightens it out sometimes.

Eye colour(s): Royal Purple

Hair colour: blonde

Height: 5'3

Build: Small and slim

Scars, piercings, tattoos or wounds: she has two piercings in both ears

Jewell always likes to have fun. She is a very kind and caring person, even though she was raised by a very evil man. But she doesn't let that get n the way of her personality. The thing she loves the most is playing the piano and singing. She is very different from her sister when it comes to fighting and being safe, Jewell tends to get herself into some pretty deep stuff. She would much rather not fight and try to just talk things out. But if you mess with someone she loves then she will fight. The medallions that her and her sister posses has helped her through many things and makes her stronger.

Jewell is the oldest twin born on July, 15th, 1803 her and her twin sister grew up to the age of 4 when they was suddenly torn apart by a Mad Vampire. While her sister was able to get away, Jewells parents were killed. She was taken by the Vampire but was never turned. She was raised by him and taught the way of the vampire life. But she always knew that there was something missing in her life. Late at night she would be able to hear someone else's thoughts, but she never could figure out who. Her and her sister have a special bond that never was broken.

She found her way to Virginia, where she found her lost twin sister Vicki by there family medallions that were baried there. the medallions where two small stones that could fit together. Jewell's turned purple -matching her purple eyes.- with a heart on it. the medallions gave the sisters powers and when the medallions are together they're powers are dabbled,-they found that out the hard way and do not like to link them together-

While on a walk with her sister in the forest the mad vampire came back to find Jewell injecting something into her heart turning her half vampire now and he did the same with her twin turning her half human half vampire for the time being. The Mad vampire then gave Jewell the knowledge of the Ancient vampires and told her to learn it and keep it in her mind. Soon after that her and her sister went their separate ways. While she was apart from her sister Jewell had many difficulties. No matter where she went someone was always trying to kill her, there was something about her that no matter what trouble always could find her. She spent time practicing her powers and controlling them. She then learned more about her medallion and how it worked.

She found out that without the medallion she would not be able to live, since she had been a apart of it for so long. It also linked her and her sister together to where what ever happens to Vicki will happen to her as well. Years later Jewell and her sister met again in Georgia , they stayed together for a few months but Vicki has such a restless spirit she needed to go out and explore the world.

One day while Jewell was walking she could sense that there was a horrible car accident. She went to where it happened and saw that there was a young girl in the back who was trapped. Unfortunately the girls parents were already dead, but she pulled the girl out and set her on the side walk and quickly walked away. She has since then followed the girl to make sure that she remains safe.

Family: Vicki Diamond (( Twin Sister)) - Unknown

Friends: Alice Cullen

Other: No Mate
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PostSubject: Re: Jewell Diamond   Jewell Diamond I_icon_minitimeWed Feb 24, 2010 8:52 am

I like it. and I'm thinking she is tied in with Ansley. Very Happy

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Jewell Diamond
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