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 Micheal zab, Teagan Hawkeye, josh Zab

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PostSubject: Micheal zab, Teagan Hawkeye, josh Zab   Tue May 25, 2010 10:47 pm

Name: Teagan Hawkeye

Gender: Male

Age: 18/ but is 21

Race: Werewolf

Birth Day: Janurary 4th

Occupation: Model

Description: tall and a dark haired man, brown eyes. His hair is kept long to make his wolf form shaggy haired or as his brother’s call it puffy. Standing at 6’0 he is strongly built. Wearing normally street clothing, he wears his leather jacket most.

Teagan was a wolf born from Eternal Rose; his father was one of the wolves before being killed by the Devil woods Killer. His mother took him away going to California where the sun shined and she thought they could live a normal life. Things were good at life seemed normal; he was a member of the foot ball team, dating a hot girl, and partying the night away with his friends. But then something changed, a stranger showed up at his mother’s door while he was away on a school trip. Only to find a familiar scent when he returned. Anger boiled as his mother was now murdered on the day he turned into a wolf. IT was hot and painful at first, but then he became lost with no one to guide him till a wolf named Micheal Zab came knocking at his bridge. He had left school and went to hiding under the bridge in fear of what he is. Micheal took him in and showed him that he isn’t alone joining a small pack that travels the world helping those whom are lost.
Teagan became a model as well as started going back to school; but something made him want to go home. Back to the town that he should be in to protect the humans. Striking down vampires, it is now Micheal whom is leading them to the place where his father was killed.

Personality: Is a bit cold hearted depending on the subject, orphaned he was left to fend for himself after the murder of his mother. He didn’t know his father, so he tends to have trouble following orders. He tends to follow Josh around his so called brother, but does have fights with Micheal. He can be kind hearted depending on the situation.

- Modeling
- Drawing
- Football
- Taring people to shreds
- Controlling his anger
- Talking about the death of his mother
- Taking a loss

Ability: changing into a wolf

- Mother and father are dead.
- Micheal Zab (Pack leader and foster parent)
- Josh Zab (Micheal’s biological son)

Friends: Josh


Name: Micheal Zab

Gender: Male

Age: 24 / is 37

Race: Werewolf

Birth Day: April 3rd

Occupation: Foster parent/Agent

Description: Dark hair that is cut short with tan skin; he is only half native and half caucasion which causes him at the moment to look more white than native. He got his mother’s side. Buffed, he is a strong man that wolf form is brown giving him a sweet look to him. With the sweet and gentle look comes a harsh hatred for vampires since wolves were supposed to hate Vampires. Dressing in suits, he does like Jeans and a t-shirt for meetings.

Micheal had a good life, sadly it was taken down after the birth of his son in high school. But none the less he loved his son Josh; it came with a price. His girlfriend died after giving birth, so he took the child home in alabama where him and his parents helped raise Josh. When micheal turned eighteen he turned into a werewolf when a vampire came to town. The vampire began striking humans, so Micheal defended the people but became distant to certain people. Sleeping alot, he tried to do what he could for his son. Continuing his school, he went to college while fighting and hunting down vampires. Becoming an agent for models and actors; giving his family the best in the world. With his money, he decided to help other wolves that were lost without someone to tell them what was going on. Micheal’s brother sadly, his older brother was turned into a vampire out of jealousy that Micheal was a werewolf. The two have come together fighting it out as Micheal hasn’t imprinted on anyone. This man has slain many vampires in his life protecting the town and what ever he finds.
Micheal found that his son when he turned fourteen is a werewolf like him; so he trained his son and went to California where they found a wolf from Eternal Rose named Teagan. Things seemed bad at the moment, as the killings had started up again.

Personality: kind, but has a sour look on his face when talking about his brother Chris. He loves his son very much and thinks of Teagan as his reluctant adoptive son that makes him laugh. He has a determination in him that causes him to push forward for what he can. A fierce fighter, when it comes to fighting you better start running cause he will kill you.

- Controling his anger
- Wisdom
- Determination
- Calming people down
- His brother (hates his brother)
- Vampires

Ability: turning into a brown haired wolf

Son: Josh Zab
Father: Hector Zab (Native)
Mother: Joan Zab
Brother: Chris Zab (vampire)

Teagan Hawkeye
The Eternal Rose Wolves?


Name: Josh Zab

Gender: Male

Age: 14

Race: Werewolf

Birth Day: febuary 14th

Occupation: none – part time model for his father’s business

Description: josh got more of his grandfather in him than his father as his skin is darker due to his mother. Being ¾ native american josh isn’t scared to look cute. Longish dark hair, that seems a bit wavy, his eyes are a greenish blue color which is odd but he inherited them from his grandmother on his father’s side. Wearing normally jeans and a loose t-shirt, he tends to stay on the loose side for clothing. Baby face, he is a pretty boy but a fierce fighter. He is about 5’7

History: Josh was born into a poor family, but also a weird one in his books. His mother died giving birth to him around the time his father turned into a wolf. He doesn’t remember much so he lacks some manners but keeps some in check around his father. Josh knew that his father is doing his best, but sometimes Josh wished he was never born into this life as he doesn’t like wolves that much. He would follow his father into battle, but worried what it might do to him and his father in the long run. Fear of death to his father always weighed heavy on his mind. Josh grew up in alabama so he has a weird accent.
When he went to California with his father, they met another wolf that seemed lost more so than him. Teagan became like an older brother to Josh but they did have their fights. When Josh heard that they were going to Eternal Rose to stop a problem that is there, he wasn’t on board with going but had to follow his father anyway.When they got to Eternal Rose the smell of blood, demons, vampires, and wolves were in the air.

kind and sweet, he has a sour side wishing to not be a werewolf. He hates becoming fuzzy and just wants to have a normal life. He loves his father and thinks his new adoptive brother is a jerk at times; but none the less he wouldn’t trade them for anything in the world. He is a ladies man though, always flirting.

- Controlling some of his anger
- Running
- Fighting

- Vampires
- His father and Teagan
- His hatred for what he is
- Math

Ability: turning into a dark grey wolf

Family: Micheal Zab (father) – Teagan Hawkeye (Adoptive brother) – mother: Dead

Friends: None due to moving around too much

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PostSubject: Re: Micheal zab, Teagan Hawkeye, josh Zab   Wed May 26, 2010 10:38 am

approved. remember to place your characters names and what they are in your sig. have fun. thank you for bringing more wolves.


children: Ryder and Riana (Viktor and Saffire's children)
Dark beings: Demona and Moritos
cannon: Jasper Hale
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Micheal zab, Teagan Hawkeye, josh Zab
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