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 Andy Hex, Ren Hex

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PostSubject: Andy Hex, Ren Hex   Andy Hex, Ren Hex I_icon_minitimeFri Jun 04, 2010 8:53 pm

Her Human form SmileAndy Hex, Ren Hex Ariana+Grande

Her Wolfy form Smile Andy Hex, Ren Hex Red%20Wolf%203

Name: Andrea Hex (But she's always called Andy)

Gender: Female

Age: 16 turning 17

Race: Werewolf

Birth Day: September 18th, 1993

Occupation: Student

Description: When she's in human form she has pinkish red hair that goes to the bottom of her shoulder blades. Her eyes have a reddish glint to them, but otherwise are brown. Her skin is kinda pale. When she is in wolf form she has reddish fur, and her eyes are almost a dark red. The trace of brown is barely noticable. She is 5'7. And in wolf form she's kinda small.

History: Andy never knew who her dad is or was. Her mom never spoke of him. She was a very curious and confused child, and didn't know what was coming her way. She just played around a lot, and honestly didn't have a care about getting hurt or getting in trouble. Andy has never been one to follow the rules because she has never liked boundaries. But that has led to many detentions and an irritated mother quite a few times over. Which is why she's constantly grounded but usually doesn't follow that boundary either.

The day before her 16th birthday she was just walking out around Eternal Rose, near Devil's Woods, and and thats when she changed. She ended running into the woods, hiding as she started changing. Soon after she had transformed she had heard voices in her head and ended up meeting Talon and Zane. She's now apart of their pack.

Personality: Goofy, protective of Ren, she honestly doesn't like fighting but if there is a good reason then she will, doesn't like taking any crap from anyone, really childish, not very tolerant

Strengths: cheering people up, protecting her sister Ren, tracking, getting in trouble.

Weaknesses: dealing with any person who is at all human (weakness for hybrids who are part human),

Ability: turning into a red wolf, running fast, strong (but compared to other wolves, she's actually a bit weaker)

Family: Emily Hex, mom. Ren Hex, 14 year old half sister. Doesn't know who dad is.

Friends: Talon, Zane, Cross (kinda)

Other: She's in Talon's pack (correct me if I messed up with the name of who's pack it was...)


Andy Hex, Ren Hex Hayley-erin

Name: Ren Hex

Gender: Female

Age: 14 turning 15

Race: She's to turn into a werewolf like her older sister, Andy

Birth Day: October 31st, 1995

Occupation: Student

Description: She has silky blonde hair, gray eyes with a trace of green in them, and she's shorter than her sister at 5'4. She is skinny, skinnier than would seem healthy for a 14 year old girl, and her skin is a bit pale but look healthy enough. But she always has a somewhat sickly look to her. There is no explanation as to why.

History: Ren was born to Emily Hex after she had divorced her second husband. She is the half sister of Andrea (Andy) Hex, and is slightly relieved for that. She has enjoyed her life with her sister, but always wondered why there was something strange about her. And it wasn't her personality that she is talking about, there just had always seemed to be a strange essence around her older half sister, Andy. It increased the day before Andy's 16th birthday and she didn't know why.

When her sister came home, she just couldn't stand to be around her. The essence gave her a cold feeling, and she wanted to get away from it. She avoided her sister for a few days but couldn't stand that for very long. So, she has learned to bare it, and is around her sister more often. She tends to avoid the Darkous family and just bares being around Talon, Zane, and her sister all at once.

Personality: She's actualy kinda shy unless you're her friend. Around friends and family she's a bubbly, talkative, goofy girl. If you're someone she isn't too fond of then she'll probably give you the cold shoulder or just be indifferent to the point of which it annoys most. She loves goofing off, like her sister, but doesn't like getting in trouble from it.

Strengths: sensing people's species, calming others, ticking people off, standing up to people.

Weaknesses: People being too happy (it irritates her), laughing during awkward silences.

Ability: Though human has a weird sensing kind of gift. She can sense if someone is a different species, though she doesn't know it. A cold feeling around someone meant they were a werewolf, a hot feeling meant they were a vampire, a feeling of pain for hybrids, a dizzy feeling for elementals, and a new feeling, almost numb, for witches. She has no idea what the feelings mean though. But when she turns into a wolf, this gift will develop fully and she'll most likely understand what it means then.

Family: Emily Hex, mom. Andy Hex, 16 year old half sister. Forgot who dad was.

Friends: Same as her sister, but Taymos is included.

Other: Will become a werewolf soon enough, most likely by the time she turns 15.
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PostSubject: Re: Andy Hex, Ren Hex   Andy Hex, Ren Hex I_icon_minitimeSun Jun 06, 2010 8:21 am

cool. Darkestic should be on later on today. she is out of town right now. but yay!!! move wolves!!!

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PostSubject: Re: Andy Hex, Ren Hex   Andy Hex, Ren Hex I_icon_minitimeSun Jun 06, 2010 5:18 pm

approved. have fun. I like this. enjoy.

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PostSubject: Re: Andy Hex, Ren Hex   Andy Hex, Ren Hex I_icon_minitime

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Andy Hex, Ren Hex
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