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 Burn, dang it! (OPEN)

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Burn, dang it! (OPEN) Empty
PostSubject: Burn, dang it! (OPEN)   Burn, dang it! (OPEN) I_icon_minitimeMon Oct 18, 2010 7:40 pm

Chris summoned a flame, and lightly touched the pile of dry brush with his hand. It wouldn't light, and he was just so bored right now that it was one of the only things he could come up with that went with his nature; create a bonfire. Not big enough that it could do some harm, but enough that it would keep him entertained for a while. Sometimes, his life got boring, and this was one of those times. So, he had to find something to do...his years were starting to catch up with him and he honestly didn't feel like becoming a wanderer again. He liked to stay in places and live there for a while...so he had to find some way to keep himself entertained and in the area.

The dry brush that wouldn't light wasn't helping this at all.

He groaned, and hit his head. The flames went out against his head when his hand came within an inch of having contact with his skin. He then sighed as he looked at the pile of brush for a moment, and then his hand lit again as he touched the pile. "Burn, dang it." He muttered, his voice quiet as he concentrated. He was a lot older than he looked, but it didn't change the way he thought much. He was still a kid, a teenager, at heart. And would forever be until he died, which probably wasn't coming anytime soon. He hoped. So, burning things was one of the things he found fun, and it was his nature because of what he was. Chris huffed a bit when the brush wouldn't light, and he glared at it. "Stupid dry brush that won't light." He muttered.
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Burn, dang it! (OPEN)
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