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 Danille Greyson

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PostSubject: Danille Greyson   Danille Greyson I_icon_minitimeFri Feb 26, 2010 8:33 pm

-Danille Greyson Vampire_Queen_by_KristianasCoven-

Name: Danille Sappire Greyson(Sappire Perne)

Gender: Female

Age: 19 (4000 yrs old)

Race: Vampire/Light Being

Birth Day: April 4th

Occupation: Student/Soldier

Danille is tall and lean. She has pale skin that seems tp glow in moonlight, and shimmer in the sunlight. Her bluish-silver eyes darken or lighten with her mood. She may look fragile, but she is very strong and fast. Her long black hair falls to her mid-back. Her hair shines with her skin and is very silky smooth like. She tends to wear dark clothing... unless in a good mood then she'll wear something white. Danille normally wears a black trench coat that falls to her knees. Danille has a gothic type necklace that is a dragon. Each of its points have a ruby in them, while in the bottom is a diamond of blood from her past.

Danille Greyson Ch0157-alchemy-gothic-pendant-01l

Danille was born before B.C. in Rome, Italy. She was raised by her two parents before getting turned into a vampire. Her parents knew before she became a vampire that she had special gifts of life. When she was five she brought her dog back to life. They watched her as she grew up and started to make the Earth grow. They noticed how she got water to the fields without a pale. Soon others begain to know of the "Light Child''. As in people so did vampires. Danille grew up in a quiet place until the age nineteen when her parents were killed. She remembered coming home annouced she was going to get married finding her parents drained of all blood. She was going to scream when she felt someone grab her. She tried to fight ,but it was helpless. The next morning she felt weak and couldn't stand the sunlight. She looked around noticing someone watching her. She was told what had happen to her and her life by some old woman. Danille left Rome and went to Florence after finding her Fiance dead.

Twenty years passed until she met Sita her adopted sister. Their stories were similar to each other. After a few hundred years they lost contact again. Danille traveled everywhere in each period posing as someone in that period. She learned many things and met great teachers. Over the years she had grown somewhat immune to the light. Also she doesn't kill her victiums unless they deserve it. Her powers grew a lot more and yet they still are growing. Now she moved to Tennesse to start a new life. While there she found her sister again and they are living with each other. She hopes everything will turn out all good.


- Weapon Expert
- Fighting Expert
- Very Wise
- Has experence from different time periods

- Children( always tries to help them)
- Isolation
- Sunlight bothers her sometimes
- Doesn't have blood when she needs it will make her go on a firenzy

- Eagle Vision( Lets see auras around people)
- Controls Elements
- Has the ability to bring certain people to life
- Has the power to influnce people to do her bidding

Sita( Adoptive-Sister)
Brom Greyson(Father-Deceased)
Selene Greyson(Mother-Deceased)

No one for now

- greater power just hasn't figured out how to gain it.
- Pet wolf
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PostSubject: Re: Danille Greyson   Danille Greyson I_icon_minitimeFri Feb 26, 2010 11:14 pm


But I'll talk to you about controling the elements and bringing people back to life thing later. Very Happy
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Danille Greyson
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