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 Brayden and Kyle Caine

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PostSubject: Brayden and Kyle Caine   Brayden and Kyle Caine I_icon_minitimeSun Feb 28, 2010 11:53 am

-Brayden and Kyle Caine Chacecrawforddd-

Name:Brayden Killian Caine

Gender: Male

Age: 20

Race: Vamp/Werewolf Hybrid

Birth Day: January 23, 1989

Occupation: Animal Control Cop

Brayden is well built for being a vamp/wolf. He is tall cause of his Wolf side. Being both Vamp and Wolf his skin is a light brown. His brown hair sometimes glows blond in the sunlight. He is able to stand in the sun without sparkling or Shining. His eyes are a green that turns blue sometimes depending if there is danger near by will they be blue. He has a scar above his eye that he got from his brother Kyle.

Brayden has a sweet personality. He is protective of his family and does anything to keep them safe. He is fun to hang out with cause he can be funny at times. Hes really good at comforting people it their sadness. Brayden doesn't like to fight much but will if he has too. He is a good and caring person. He has his moments of being mean but that is rarely ever seen.

- Being fast
- Strong bond with Kyle

- Animals
- His family
- Being kind

- Can speak to animals
- Sense danger before it happens
- Can communicate with Kyle through his mind


New place. New Friends.
-Brayden and Kyle Caine DrewFuller7-

Name: Kyle H. Caine

Gender: Male

Age: 20

Race: Vamp/Werewolf

Birthday: January 23, 1989

Occupation: Chef

Kyle looks a lot like his brother Brayden. The reason for this is because they are twins. Kyle is a little taller then Brayden and his eyes are green and they don't change colors. His skin is lighter then his brothers and his hair is darker. Kyle is more vampire then Brayden. In the sunlight he only slightly shimmers ,but the humans never know it.

Kyle is a laid back kind of guy. He is like his brother in ways of protecting thier parents and each other. He has a hot head unlike his brother. He tends to get more annoyed and angry with things. He is caring but never really shows it unless its to someone he likes. Other then that he seems calm all the time.

- Very strong and fast
- Knows different fighting techniques
- Strong bond with Brayden

- Temper
- Tends to not think before acting
- His Family

- Read Emotions
- Talks to animals
- Mind talk with Brayden


Brayden and Kyle were born in late January. They grew up in Germany until the age 10 then they moved to America. The boys can speak three languages: German, Italian, and English. There mother is a werewolf ,while their father is a vampire. It was a shocking thing when seeing a Vampire married to a Werewolf. No one judged them while they were there cause they were quite strong. Brayden always had a strong bond with Kyle. They like to joke and play when near each other. As they were growing up their mother and father noticed how the boys communicated through their minds. They originally lived in California before moving to Tennesee. So now the family of four are fitting in to the small town and hope that the boys will make new friends. Kyle is a chef while Brayden is a ASPCA Cop.

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PostSubject: Re: Brayden and Kyle Caine   Brayden and Kyle Caine I_icon_minitimeSun Feb 28, 2010 1:46 pm

approved. I rather like them. I am rather interested in seeing how the power to sense danger plays out. Very Happy have fun

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Brayden and Kyle Caine
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