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Darkous Coven

Darkous Clan (APPROVED) B14_jpg

Name: Tidus Darkous

Gender: Male

Age: 41 (921)

Race: Vampire

Birth Day: Unknown he was born in the summer

Description: Tidus is a tall man with a strong figure. His raven hair and red eyes show his love for human blood, but at the same time he dresses to make people think he is a kind and family man. Standing at 6’2; it is hard for him to live in some houses that are small so he has to buy large homes. His hair is normally kept short as his skin is a pale white color from being away from the sun for so long. A necklace around his neck made from metals of his mortal life when his daughter was still alive.

Tidus was born in Romania in the village of King Dracul; but moved away with his family for years before returning with his family. He was a big supporter of the king never knowing that the castle was full of vampires. Working on farm land, Tidus always made sure to pay tribute to the king and the towns people with fresh food. But one day when the Volturi came through the land, his family was the first to be attacked while he was returning with firewood. Returning home to his house on fire, with his daughter and wife dead on the ground. Aro went for him, but the darkness filled the sky in his words. The king and his vampires came in and killed a few Volturi before the King attacked Aro leaving a burning impression on the Volturi. But not before Tidus was on his death bed, when the king turned him.
He didn’t mind Tidus lived his years till he had the strength to go out on his own. Traveling the world, he went around teaching and learning about the land. Meeting many races, and some that scared him. He never found his mate, but after two hundred years as a vampire, he came to Korea where he met a mind reading elemental, someone he thought the king or the Volturi would like to have, but looking at her she was abandoned and shoved aside in her own way. Her name was Song. A beautiful child, that while he was in Korea watched as she grew to a lovely seventeen year old girl. After her family was murdered, he took her and changed her into a vampire. She adapted well, but scary thing is she had skills that he knew not off. They traveled the world together, going to England where they met a few other vampires as he gave his new daughter a new name. “Selene” He heard it in Greece during his travels, and the name belonged to a moon goddess. They walked together, both keeping clear of what they are doing. After a hundred years they added two teenage boys from England named “Henry” and “Julius” they were twins that could rival that of Jane and Alec in Tidus’s words. But after they joined the group, eventually they made their way to Russia where Tidus met his mate Anastasia of the Romanov family. A little wary of the idea, Tidus couldn’t help it. After a certain age, Tidus changed Anastasia at the age of thirty after living ten years with the vampire family and Selene protecting her.
In the 1800’s they went to America where they help create the Eternal Rose Colony; but also made peace with the wolves. They returned to the home every fifteen years or more, taking up residence in the Darkous Manor that was built all those years ago. Tidus owns a chain of café’s that him and his lovely Wife Anastasia own. During a trip to Texas, they came across two teen girls whom were best friends. Amber Lobsin and Winry Crone, they ended up being Julius and Henry’s mates. They soon joined them as Tidus tries to let his family live their life. They back to Eternal Rose planning to do a regular high school for a couple of years.

Kind and noble. He will stand up for what he believes in. Though he doesn’t have a tolerance for blood like his daughter, he stays clear of blood baths and hospitals. Fears his wife when she gets angry, and worries about his vampire children. He is a man that if something happens he will protect his family at all costs.

- Sword fighting
- Languages
- farming
- Weapons
- Street racing
- Knowledge of ancient races

- Cooking
- Blood baths
- Fire
- Flying (Gets really edgy on planes)

Ability: None

- -Anastasia Romanov (Wife/Mate)
- -Selene Darkous (adopted daughter)
- -Julius Darkous
- -Henry Darkous
- -Amber Romanov (Lobsin)
- -Winry Romanov (Crone)

- -King Dracul
- -Cullens coven

Darkous Clan (APPROVED) 908rc06_01


Darkous Clan (APPROVED) Aiotsukak

Name: Selene Darkous (Song Hyoung)

Gender: Female

Age: 17 (765)

Race: Vampire. (Elemental – Light)

Birth Day: February 18

Her skin retains its Korean features which means she looks like she has no eyelids. Her eyes are a bright glowing blue, that attract men to her which has been good for quick get aways from people. Standing at 5’0 she is the shortest member of her family; long black hair sometimes curled, but at the same time she cuts it once a year allowing it to grow back after a few years. Her posture stands tall and strong, as she normally dressed in a classy nature normally. Dresses, skirts, dress shirts, but on rare occasions she will wear a shorts and a t-shirt. Her figure is thin and slender.

Selene was born in Korea to elemental parents, that shoved her aside and left her with some other people. They raised her to be their daughter, but soon enough she was shoved aside and left to let run at a young age. She dressed as best she could and took care of herself; when she turned fifteen she was raped during a village raid. Which scared her mind a bit. But then two years later, she was turned into a vampire by Tidus a man that had always been kind to her. He took care of her, raising her in her vampire life like his own daughter. She took well to the vampire life, as she showed respect and made sure not to expose the vampire rise. Since she was a vampire, she was never fond of human blood so she drank animals blood which Tidus didn’t like but he didn’t push his ways on her. She traveled with him, adding onto their family as her powers and skills gave her a way to find the people that can help their cause and keep their family alive. She always chose someone who wanted to live while they are dying at the same time. She changed the twins Henry and Julius who were dying from a deadly disease. She also changed Anastasia since Tidus was afraid he would kill her, and she changed Amber and Winry cause her brothers feared to kill them as well. She has been the main maker of the vampires in the family; she had made a few that walked away from them. But she still keeps them in her heart. Being the only one without a mate, she tends to steer away from spending big family time, but took up a singing career in Korea before it was interrupted by a vampire on the loose killing people and making it point to the Darkous family. Selene got her family out of Korea the second things began to link to her, posing her own death after a few years.
Selene was known for hanging around Dracul as she has been chosen to replace him if anything happens. She gets great respect from the vampire people as well as humans, as she is best with foreign affairs and tends to attend all the Dracul events and balls that he wants her to since she has to make a good impression if she is going to take his place one day. But she doesn’t care, she rather the king stay on his throne. When Tidus decided to move back to Eternal Rose, they went back to the town, she jumped for joy mainly when going back there cause it always smells like flowers. This year though would be her first year attending school.

Persinality: Kind and sweet, conserved as she never spoke out of turn in the royal courts. Protective over her family especially her adopted father Tidus. Can’t stand drinking blood from human. Always walking around with a smile on her face, but in secret she is sad on the inside while watching everyone have their own love, friends, and life. Loves children and humans as well as singing. People are drawn to her, like a charm. Friendly and harmless on the outside, but deadly on the inside.

Strengths: Strong resistance to killing humans cause of drinking blood packs. Able to tell friend from foe. Is smart in royal and noble affairs, but makes friends easy with anyone

Weaknesess: Dead bodies, she freezes up. Fears she will be alone forever, watching her new family die. Has a fear of large cats, since she was almost killed by one was a child.

Ability: Mind reading. Attraction: people are attracted to her eyes.
Healing light: she can heal minor injuries. She uses this skill in exchange for peace between the vampires and the eternal rose wolves.
Energy balls: she can makes balls of light that can enter a body causing great harm from the inside. This skill though causes her to thirst for blood.
Teleportation – can appear only five miles from where she already is and she had to know exactly where it is.


- -Anastasia Romanov (Adopted mother)
- -Tidus Darkous (adopted father)
- -Julius Darkous
- -Henry Darkous
- -Amber Romanov (Lobsin)
- -Winry Romanov (Crone)

- - King Dracul
- - the cullens
- - Jane (Volteri)

Other: she is single. And the reverse Edward of the plot.

Elementals: Elementals are born by mating with other races, they are classified by their eyes. They have no pupils making their eyes appear to glow the color of the element that they are born in. When two elementals mate, it causes a dark or light elemental; depending on how they are raised will decide what color their eyes are. They are known for their elemental abilities; only able to gain the elements at the age of 18. But a child born to two elementals have mind reading skills to allow them to tell friend from foe. Each element has different color eyes.
Fire: Golden Brown

Wind: honey

Earth: green

Water: clear blue

Light: glowing bright blue

Dark: Black

They grow into their full powers at the age of 18, they age like humans and one has never been turned into an vampire or werewolf. It is normally forbidden.


Darkous Clan (APPROVED) Tt0112408

Name: Anastasia Romanov Darkous

Gender: Female

Age: 120 (looks 30)

Race: (If it isn't a vampire, human, or werewolf. then please at the bottom of the profile describe the race.)

Birth Day: (Its alright if you don't know the year. The year right now is 2009)

Description: (A small paragraph describing the character)

History: Anastasia is the russian princess from the Romanov family, she left her family at the age of twenty after meeting Tidus and his children. She ended up staying with them for ten years before Selene turned her into a vampire. She was trained by Tidus and became his wife as they were much in love. She is a human drinker like her husband, but respects Selene’s wishes to not drink human blood so she doesn’t push it. She has since been like a mother to Selene and anyone that joined their family. Though she has a temper when their secret is learned or someone gets suspended; she has a knack of throwing glass plates at people when she is angry, she doesn’t throw them at Sessi cause she normally tries to stay on Anastasia’s good side. When Julius, Amber, Henry, Winry started pairing she worried about Selene. As everyone had their own bonded love, but she didn’t. When her family was in trouble in Korea, she instantly snatched everyone up and planted fake bodies as to have their lives appear to end in Korea. When they came to America, she dressed up the house and everything went they got there.
Anastasia is also a cook and designs menu’s for the chains of café’s that they own in the big cities. She loves cooking and sometimes the family forces themselves to eat her food to make it look like a normal family dinner to make them feel still a little human. Anastasia still reminds them that they were all once human. She is famous for hosting parties in her home for the town or special occasions when vampires come to town.

Persinality: motherly, and a bit of a hot head at times. But she cares very much for everyone, and gets mad if someone in the family attacks humans. She promotes peace between the vampires and werewolves. And hopes that one day she can see all the races living in the open with everyone. She donates a lot of food to the homeless shelters or to families that really need it.

Strengths: Fear from everyone in her family, able to manipulate areas like Korea where she took bodies and burned them in a car. Demands respect, but has a hard time with that from Selene when Anna acts like a “royal pain” but she is kind and worries about about her family. Is a great cook for someone who can’t really taste how good it is.

Weaknesess: People pouting, and little children. She absolutely adores them as much as she adores dolls. If a doll is given to her, she automatically forgets everything. Doesn’t like yelling or arguing. If you pick a fight with her, hope you can replace her plates.

Ability: None

Family: Darkous Coven

-The Cullens

Other: Her mate is Tidus.


Darkous Clan (APPROVED) Jackson-Rathbone
Darkous Clan (APPROVED) The_last_house_on_the_left16

Name: Julius Darin Darkous

Gender: Male

Age: 20 (221)

Race: Vampire

Birth Day: June 4th

Description: A tall man with a slender body, his eyes are a red color going golden once in a while as he is slowly turning to animals for his sister. He stands at 6’1 and almost rivals that of Tidus. His hair is brown as he dresses in normal clothing when he is out in public, for special affairs he dresses in formal attire not really liking it. His back as an “X” on the shoulder which was branded there before he was turned into a vampire.

History: Julius and his twin brother were children of a poor man that wanted more for his sons. When they were ill due to their mother’s deadly diseased that killed even her. But Their father made a deal with Selene, her taking pity on them, changed he twins as her father and mother watched. They awoke and left when they were vampires, returning only when their thirst was under control. They said their true good-byes to their father and left again with the Darkous. Taking great pride in protecting Selene like big brothers. Teasing her once in a while about her love life and relationships with humans. He feels comfortable talking to Selene about things cause her kindness reminds him of his birth mother Haven whom he could not save. Ever since then, he fell for Winry Crone. Loving her forever. And still protecting Selene with all his heart as well as Kelly.
He was born with a power that with a snap of his fingers or a single thought, he could cause harm to a persons body on cruel proportions. He once used them on Jane, she tried to attack his mate once and he twitched his hand causing Jane’s bones to bend backwards and Alec’s neck to snap like a twig. He is a person that is one of the most feared next to Selene in the family. He is skilled in sword and combat since he took part in a couple of wars.

Personality: Kind, protective, and a tease. He loves teasing people and saying the same thing at the same time with his twin. Is scared of being found out, and losing his family again like he lost his father. Hate slayers and doesn't mind wolves. He acts noble to give his sister and himself a good reputation but adores his wife more than anything.

Strengths: Tall and towers over people making them think he might be a giant. In successful in calming down fights when someone gets angry by reading what the person thinks. His bone crushing powers.

Weaknesses: Winry. She can talk him into anything, and Selene cause she can read his mind. Doesn’t like getting into fights cause he is worried about Anastaisia or Amber throwing things at him. Has a soft spot for hurt animals. is scared to hell of rats.

Ability: Bone manipulation: He can cause a persons bones to bend backwards or anyway he wants as long as he is looking at the person. Though he can’t keep it up for long cause it makes him blood hungry. The pain is worse than Janes as his skill moves the bones around with a though all around the skin, even pushing it up into the body. Crushing the ribs concaving the heart and organs.

Family: Darkous family
-Henry (His birth twin)


Other: Mate is Winry
Darkous Clan (APPROVED) Hrdp_0804_07_z+custom_hot_rods+1957_chevy_convertible_side_view


Darkous Clan (APPROVED) Kitsch_taylor14_jpg

Name: Henry Darkous

Gender: Male

Age: 20 (221)

Race: Vampire

Birth Day: June 4th

Description: a tall man like his brother, but instead of brown hair his hair is blonde. Giving him at least a different look from his brother. His eyes are a red color since he is reluctant to go to animal blood like his brother and his sister Selene. His back has claw marks from his human life. When he was little he got attacked by a bear; getting one slash on his back leaving lines of scares. Dressing normally in biker and tight shirts that show off his torso.

Henry and his twin brother were children of a poor man that wanted more for his sons. When they were ill due to their mother’s deadly diseased that killed even her. But Their father made a deal with Selene, her taking pity on them, changed he twins as her father and mother watched. They awoke and left when they were vampires, returning only when their thirst was under control. They said their true good-byes to their father and left again with the Darkous. Taking great pride in protecting Selene like big brothers. Teasing her once in a while about her love life and relationships with humans. He feels comfortable talking to Selene about things cause her kindness reminds him of his birth mother Haven whom he could not save. Ever since then, he fell for Amber Lobsin. Loving her forever. And still protecting Selene with all his heart as well as Amber.
When he turned into a vampire, his powers that no one had a name for. His skills caused a body to go limp not feeling anything as his brother caused harm to them. They watched at Julius broke their bodies before Selene would come in and hit them causing them to stop. They fear Selene more than anyone else.

Teaser, fierce, likes sports and enjoying picking on people that are not Anastaisia or Amber. Isn't afraid to say what is on his mind at times, though he rather keep them locked away from Selene. He worries about humans and often is lost in thought about his birth father, and what might happen in the future. Give him a foot ball game and he'll cheer his head off. But all and all, Henry is a kind and strong gentleman whom keeps to old ways sometimes. Would do anything for anyone, as long as it doesn't involve rats.

Is strong and not afraid to fight for certain things. Able to break fights apart in his family, and calm Amber and Anastaisia down when Tidus isn’t home. Loves his family with all his heart, and holds onto them cause of he didn’t want to lose them like when he had to leave his weak father.

Weaknesess: Amber, he absolutely fears her getting made at him. Blood, he can’t stand seeing someone deeply cut or blood baths or his thirst gets out of control. Is allergic to silver like Tidus, was born with it. and it only burns him a little making him feel sick, but heals feeling better. Is scared of Selene.

Ability: Making a persons body go numb or limp forcing them to watch as his brother or something is torturing the victim.

Family: do I need to say more


Other: Drives a motorcycle
Mate is Amber Lobsin


Darkous Clan (APPROVED) VictoriasSecretModel

Name: Amber Romanov (Lobsin)

Gender: Female

Age: 18 (30)

Race: Vampire

Birth Day: May 23rd

Description: brown hair, red eyes cause she shares the same meal idea as Henry and the rest of her family. Pale skin with a thin figure as she normally wears outfits that show off her figure. A gold ring around her finger showing her devotion to Henry. She stands at 5’7

History: She grew up in a sourthern state with her best friend Winry, both were fine and beautiful women in their own way. They were never apart as they caused trouble all over town without getting caught. Suddenly the world changed when she met Henry her beloved vampire lover. She never knew he was a vampire till on her death bed. Amber and Winry were gang rapped and beatened left in the middle of a desert where she saw Selene walk up to them offering them eternal life and youth with their loves. Amber took it and didn’t turn back. She has been with Henry since that day, living off human blood. But feared Selene once she saw what she can do, and the fact that the royal court doesn’t play. So she made sure no one saw them drinking from humans.

Protective, and fierce. She will do what ever it takes to make sure Selene and Winry are safe. She loves Henry with all her heart and mostly like Anastaisia, she throws glass cups when she is angry. She is more like Anna than she realizes at times as she likes to cook but isn’t afraid to make her point. She wants control over the Darkous family but is scared of challenging the leaders.

Protective and can take certain insults. Makes people fear her even though she is not a mean person.
Weaknesess: Her friend Winry. Winry can get her to do anything she wants by just saying it. And she has a strong need for independence and wanting things her way.

Ability: Strength



Other: Mate: Henry Darkous
Wants a car, but no one will give her one since she totaled the last three.


Darkous Clan (APPROVED) Street-5

Name: Winry Romanov (Crone)

Gender: Female

Age: 18 (30)

Race: vampire

Birth Day: March 12th

Description: she is the girl that wears the latest fashion. Blonde hair and bright golden eyes she is trying to stick to the animal diet like Selene. She has a small figure but is still not the shortest one in the house. Wears a golden necklace around her neck with an old pendant from Julius’s human time it is their wedding band that made it easier for her to explain.

History: (Same as Amber)
When Winry was turned into a vampire the first thing that happened is that she saw things that happened always two hours ahead. So she ended up spending much time with Selene and Winry’s mate Julius as they worked on helping her control her skills to see into the future. She was thankful to be able to control it after a few years, she never slept so they just trained straight through and never stopped. But she did start off on human blood, but soon she switched to animals blood fearing that one day she might expose the family. Her hobby is that of fashion, always getting the formal wear and everything for the family as it keeps her mind busy. Though Amber is her best friend, Winry sided with Selene more than her child hood friend causing fights sometimes. When she was happy to be moving to a small town for a new life.

Persinality: She is kind and sweet, and watches over everyone. She mainly watches over Selene, Amber, and Julius. She is fierce like her friend Amber when she needs to be.

Strengths: Not afraid to tell people they are about to do something stupid, and not afraid to speak her mind. Always truthful unless it comes to telling their secret. Fashion, sewing, dancing

Weaknesess: Scared to tell someone if they are going to die, or if soemthing really bad is going to happen to them. Can’t fight to save her life. She isn’t any good at it.

Ability: Premonitions – see’s 2 hours into the future no matter the race.



Other: Mate: Julius Darkous
Likes dressing people up like dolls and seeing movies.
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