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 Demona and Moritos Greyson

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PostSubject: Demona and Moritos Greyson   Demona and Moritos Greyson I_icon_minitimeSun Feb 28, 2010 8:22 pm

Demona and Moritos Greyson Mist62

Name: Demona Greyson

Gender: Female

Age: 20 (4000)

Race: Dark Being (Death God to those who worshiped her)

Birth Day: unknown

Description: a tall woman with dark blonde and a slender body; pale as a ghost her eyes are blue with a silver ring around them. They mystify those who see them since many humans don't see her kind. She wears a silver skull pendant that hangs from her neck.

demona is that born of darkness, her kind have been called Death gods for all their lives as she was born along time ago she chose to stay as a twenty year old woman while her cousin Danille stayed at nineteen. All through her life she has wondered the world doing what she was born to do, and that is kill those whose chimes she hears or at least make sure nothing happens to them. This caused her much torment as she watched people she cared for die. Wandering through the world, she had fallen down a cliff trying to kill herself but she was saved by the mortal guard of Dracul named Vlixer. In exchange she healed him of the sickness he was dying from. She ended up staying in Dracul's house for a hundred years learning about things of the vampire race, wishing she could be one instead of a dark being.
After a hundred years, Demona married a human that was in the Romanian village named Darin who had come from England. He seemed sweet and nice and she gave birth to their half breed son Moritos that look after her more than his father. Not knowing what Demona is, he saw her and his son as a demon and tried to kill her cause he was a strong christian. Demona killed her own husband with her powers to save her son. After than, she moved into Dracul's castle with her son where he learned about vampires before they left traveling the world. They went to America after a few years where they moved to eternal rose. demona decided to stay low. Enrolling her son in high school, she started posing as a twenty-six year old woman working in Miss Ruby's restaurant as a cook during the day, as Vlixer makes sure that she is informed on what has been going on since Vlixer was turned into a vampire.

Personality: A broken hearted girl, death is all she knows and that is all anyone tells her. Being born from immortal beings, she took the power of darkness and destruction. Her heart is like ice as her eyes show nothing but misery as the world to her seems like nothing but darkness with no light. She loves her son Moritos, as he is the only thing keeping her in this world.

- cooking
- Fighting
- Killing
- Blending in
- smarts

- Her son
- Rude people
- Children

- seeing and talking ghosts
- With a flick of her wrist she can cause mortal organ to turn feeling like their burning from the inside
- Phasing (she can phase through anything that is holding still like a ghost)
- Astral Projection
- Healing
- With a snap of her wrist she can cause her victims head to explode
- Spread the plague (did this in 1755)
- able to hear chimes of when someone is going to die.
- Making a deal with her when someone is about to die or just die, means you must give something in return. like if your girlfriend just died, she can make it to where the girl never died if you give up something in return. making certain dreams come true, she sometimes takes souls in exchange.

(all these but the ghosts and phasing do not work on full moon or colored moon nights)

- Human husband: Darin Mont - Dead
- Son: Moritos Greyson
- Father: Cronus (dark being - time)
- Mother: Anistesa (dark being - death)
- Danille Greyson (Cousin)

None at the moment
- Dracul?



Demona and Moritos Greyson Stefan+salvatore

Name: Moritos Delos Greyson

Gender: Male

Age: 18 (234)

Race: dark Being / human

Birth Day: December 25th

A tall man that towers over his mother at 6'1, pale tan skin he is a little darker thank his mother. His hair is a dark blonde color that has been cut short since his move. Eyes are blue with a silver ring around them. dressing now in jeans and a dress shirt, he keeps to simple clothing since his mother and him don't have much money.

Born of two races a dark being and a human, he took after his mother more than his father. Height is all he got from the man that is his birth father; after his father tried to kill him he grew up in Dracul's castle where he studied there and learned alot about other races. Even about himself; spending much of his time reading, and training with his mother and some of the guards.
One day Jane came to the castle with her brother Alec and he saw the young beauty and the man that is her twin. a little confused to why they were there since they were volturi, he still liked Jane enough that he would always stand by the door watching her till his mother caught him and scolded him about spying on people.
After a few years they moved to Eternal Rose, he thinks its cause his mother wanted to keep him out of trouble. But then he attended human school and found that it was rather fun as long as he remembered that no one knows about his kind. Living in a small house in town that they rented since they didn't have much money, Moritos began working a job after school. Working at the candy store selling candy to help out the old man that works there.

A kind and sweet man that wouldn't half a fly, unlike his mother he is pretty happy with his life. Throwing aside the man that tried to kill him andhis mother, he tries to look on the bright side cause he doesn't want to turn out sad and depressed. Using his powers to stop those of cruel and hatred, he never uses his skills unless he has to. Smart, he excells in everything but science which was always his weakpoint.

- Sports
- Languages
- Dancing
- cleaning
- cooking

- full moon (His powers cancel out on full moon nights)
- Remembering that humans don't know anythign about his race
- People who abused their children

- With a flick of his wrist he can cause mortal organ to turn feeling like their burning from the inside
- Phasing (he can phase through anything that is holding still like a ghost)
- Healing
- Turning into a vampire bat (only at night)

- Human father: Darin Mont - Dead
- Mother: Demona Greyson (dark being)
- GrandFather: Cronus (dark being - time)
- GrandMother: Anistesa (dark being - death)
- Danille Greyson (Aunt)

- Dracul
- Mister Jerald Yunk (Store owner)
- Jane (Has a huge crush on her)

Other: Drives an old beat up truck, that he works on from time to time.

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PostSubject: Re: Demona and Moritos Greyson   Demona and Moritos Greyson I_icon_minitimeSun Feb 28, 2010 10:38 pm


Demona and Moritos Greyson 29yme5i
Demona and Moritos Greyson Uwyms
children: Ryder and Riana (Viktor and Saffire's children)
Dark beings: Demona and Moritos
cannon: Jasper Hale
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Demona and Moritos Greyson
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