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 Look at the plot here

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PostSubject: Look at the plot here   Look at the plot here I_icon_minitimeMon Feb 22, 2010 6:11 pm


The plot is a reverse plot. think of the Darkous family as the Cullens, but different. All but three are human drinkers and the leader Selene is the main animal drinker the only one able to stand being near humans for a long time. Our male version of Bella in human form is Troy, a boy born in Eternal rose. Watch as the story replays its self differently.

the story takes place in Eternal Rose, a small town that smells of flowers in the spring and summer. It sits in Tennessee and is surrounded by woods. It welcomes new comers with a open arms; and has tons of events that happen over the year. The Rose Dance is their most famous one as the town was known for its roses that use to bloom all year round. Their mascot is a wolf with wings. The towns werewolves and the Darkous vampire family get along rather well, cause they made a deal never to eat humans inside the town. They have to go to another town in Tennessee to eat humans. As long as they do, then there is no war. Native tribe attends the same school with the kids in town cause their Reservation school burned down due to a rampaging vampire.

Power Struggle

In this rpg there are two controlling powers. The true Royal vampire named Dracul who lives in the Romanian Castle. they believe in humans able to accept vampires. But at the same time they host events that vampires attend, as they try and get others on their side for revealing the race to humans. Dracul believes that humans will accept them. His successor is the Volturi kill him is Selene Darkous of the Darkous Clan a vampire elemental. His own clan rivals that of the Volturi. Only ones able to stand against the volturi and survive. Their main rival and enemy is the Volturi.

The Volturi are trying to take down Dracul's coven but so far their last attack failed as they lost many follow vampires. Aro and Dracul are brothers who are fighting over the right to rule. they believe that vampire's should remain a secret and plan on doing what ever it takes to keep their rule. Jane and Alec are friends of the Darkous family, and minds are guarded from Aro seeing that part in their head. they are working with Tidus Darkous and Selene to get the vampires out in the open without Aro and the other Volturi knowing.

So after a while there will be a war. And sides will need to be chosen
Humans that are companied by vampires to the Dracul castle will not be touched. They can not be drank unless they are brought for food cause the rule is. If the human is a guest of a certain vampire or going to be turned. Shall never be killed.

The cullens are welcome in this story. But it will be after Reneesme is born if you wish to play them. That means Renesme will be looking about the age of 17 or 10 if you would like.

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Look at the plot here
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