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PostSubject: THREE STRIKES   Sun Mar 07, 2010 2:55 pm

For those of you who have read the rules and played. There might be those who come here and will not obey those rules. I am not strict on things, but on simple rules I have posted many will be obeyed and only a few may slide since I know that on some computers 2 lines can look like 3 or 4. Now for those who disobey the rules, I have placed a three strike law. After three strikes, you will be banned for 1 - 2 days before you are allowed to rp again. If you keep doing that to you don't mind getting banned. then you will be exiled from this site. a strike if for anything major. Since this is like a pg13 site.
Nudity and porn will be considered a large no making it two strikes. Other that that everyone is a one strike that are based on the rules. My mods will keep order even when I am away. So what they say goes when I am not here. and if they are not sure, then I will answer when I return.

Mods are:

Obey and respect them. For we keep the forum fair and so that other people can play.

Thank you and have a lovely day. Very Happy

from your Admin, Darkestic


children: Ryder and Riana (Viktor and Saffire's children)
Dark beings: Demona and Moritos
cannon: Jasper Hale
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