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 Zane Arcata - Werewolf

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PostSubject: Zane Arcata - Werewolf   Zane Arcata - Werewolf I_icon_minitimeMon Mar 08, 2010 9:01 pm

Zane Arcata - Werewolf Cody-linley_39486370

Wolf Form
Zane Arcata - Werewolf TibetanWolf

Name: Zane Arcata

Gender: Male

Age: 16

Race: Werewolf

Birth Day: May 2, 1993

Occupation: Student/Pack Member

Description: Zane has hazel eyes and tan skin. His hair is blond, and in a shaggy style. Naturally, he almost always wears short, a short sleeve shirt, and good shoes for running. He is 5'8, which is kind of short for a werewolf.

History: Zane was born May 2, 1993 to Keith and Athena Arcata. He had a pretty good life until he was 8 and his parents divorced. His dad had turned into a drunk and his mom took care of him best she could. She was the only one who bothered. Zane didn't make very many friends, he didn't really mind though. So, until he was 10, he kept to himself. But then he met a friend, but they moved away about 3 months after. Zane has been a loner for quite a while, and now really didn't care whether or not he had friends.

When Zane turned 16, he started getting a growth spurt, and a lot of people noticed. He was actually sort of happy about it. But his mother wasn't. She knew what it meant, but hadn't bothered to tell Zane. He was on his own, knowing nothing of what was happening when the change started. He ran, keeping in the forest. There was a few voices in his head, telling him what was happening. He didn't believe it.

Sadly, after the change, he had to. He avoided people, even his pack, for a few days. But, soon after that he came back and acted normal, thought nothing seemed normal whatsoever to him. He just wanted to try and go back to his old life...with a few exceptions.

Personality: Playful, understanding, considerate, energetic, and he is nice once you get to know him. If you're Zane's friend, he'll be an awesome person to be around and you won't regret it. But, if you're his enemy, you might want to keep away from him. He's a hot head.

Strengths: getting rid of vampires if needed, obeying orders, being a good friends, fighting, cheering people up, getting in trouble.

Weaknesses: watching a pack member get hurt, making people depressed, getting angry, keeping it together when he gets mad, making right decisions, concentrating (on certain things)

Ability: To morph into a large wolf, speak to his pack members in his thoughts in wolf form.

Family: Athena Arcata (mother, 39), Keith Arcata (father, 42)

Friends: His pack members

Other: In Talon's pack.
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PostSubject: Re: Zane Arcata - Werewolf   Zane Arcata - Werewolf I_icon_minitimeMon Mar 08, 2010 9:13 pm

APPROVED!!! I love this wolf!! rofl

and yep. werewolf and talon's pack. Very Happy

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