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 Krayne house (OPEN) - wolves welcome

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Krayne house (OPEN) - wolves welcome Empty
PostSubject: Krayne house (OPEN) - wolves welcome   Krayne house (OPEN) - wolves welcome I_icon_minitimeThu Mar 18, 2010 1:20 am

Krayne house (OPEN) - wolves welcome Old~Farm~House


After unpacking the house, Saffire sat outside reading her ancient history book dressed in a long red skirt and a blue laced tank top. The wicker chair feeling nice on the nice cool day with the sun popping out once in a while. Rider dressed in little jeans and a gap tan hoodie that Viktor had bought him carried around a brown teddy bear while playing with some bugs he found on the ground.
"Rider honey. Don't eat those." Saffire smiled.
"Mama." Rider said causing Saffire's head to rise up. "Ran we ro see te rolf?"
Saffire wasstill teaching her son how to talk right, but she shook her head. "not now honey. we'll go see the pack this weekend." Saffire said as she watched her son at the same time as reading. "We'll go see daddy at work later though."
"yay!!!!" rider cheered.
Looking up, Saffire saw that dark clouds started to roll in as her nose smelled the rain. Rider stared at his mother and knew she was going to call him. Picking up his bear he went up into the back porch where some of his toys were sitting there. the screened in porch for him to play in. Saffire came in locking the screened in porch as so that Rider didn't get out while it rained. She went into the kitchen to make lunch as Rider looked out to see it raining but at the same time his eyes saw everything. being three quarters of werewolf, his eyes saw it move sort of slowly.

Krayne house (OPEN) - wolves welcome V8l8n7
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Krayne house (OPEN) - wolves welcome
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