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 Angelina Hazel (Dracul's Coven)

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PostSubject: Angelina Hazel (Dracul's Coven)   Angelina Hazel (Dracul's Coven) I_icon_minitimeThu Mar 25, 2010 3:46 pm

Angelina Hazel (Dracul's Coven) 0

Name: Angelina Hazel

Gender: Female

Age: 17 (2364)

Race: Vampire

Birth Day: July 8

Occupation: One of Dracul's guards

Description: Angelina is slim and has very pale skin. She looks fragile and is at the height of 5'2. Her hair is a pale blond and goes does to her lower back. Her eyes are crimson and turn black when she thirsts for blood.

History: Angelina had a human life of poverty. She started out in a run down house, and always kept her hopes up for the best. She was the one who kept her family's spirits up. she never argued with them, and she always made sure they were in the best of health that was possible at the moment by the time she was 8. She made sure the house was clean, that everyone was ok, everything. Her parents adored her and her brother loved her dearly. But, one day, her 17th birthday, her brother disappeared. Angelina had no idea where he went and was devastated, the same as her parents. She comforted them though, and was able to make it through.

But, then, a week later, her brother showed up. But his eyes shone crimson and showed bloodlust. He ended up killing her parents. She had ran for her dear life, though regreting leaving her parents, though they were dead. But, he quickly caught up with her and bit her. Though...he had only turned her. He had dropped her and left when he had heard a noise. Angelina had been found by Dracul, and was taken in. She stayed with the coven and has been there ever since.

Personality: She is bold, funny and kind as her main traits. When she speaks of something, people just have the instinct to listen. She is very defensive of those she cares about and will do whatever she can to help someone. Angelina stays very loyal to her coven and Dracul, most of all. She always tells the truth and will not take lying that well unless it's for a good purpose.

-- Getting people to tell the truth
-- obeying orders from Dracul
-- making friends
-- changing the mood (good/bad thing)
-- giving advice
-- making peace

-- Dealing with depression
-- Killing
-- Her brother
-- Disobeying orders

Ability: To be able to tell whether or not someone is telling the truth, resulting in being able to make them tell the truth

Family: Her coven ||| Antonia (mother, human, deceased) Gerard (father, human, deceased) Micheal (brother, vampire, alive)

Friends: Dracul, Jane, Alec, Varali

Other: N/A
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PostSubject: Re: Angelina Hazel (Dracul's Coven)   Angelina Hazel (Dracul's Coven) I_icon_minitimeThu Mar 25, 2010 10:46 pm

approved. I like it. Very Happy:D:D yay!!! more dracul's team. and I love this profle.

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