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 Krayne family (werewolf)

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PostSubject: Krayne family (werewolf)   Krayne family (werewolf) I_icon_minitimeThu Mar 18, 2010 12:12 am

Krayne family (werewolf) Elizabeth5

Name: Saffire Krayne (Delos)

Gender: Female

Age: 19

Race: Human/ moon child werewolf

Birth Day: April 2nd

Occupation: College student, mother, (studying to be an archaeologist)

A blonde haired woman with a strong features. Her eyes are silvery blue with rose tent to them when the light hits them. Her body is strong as she dresses in normal clothing as well as her families old clothing. Her ears are a little pointed as her features show that she runs alot as well as takes cares of things. A stern face, she normally smiles. But does have a look that can kill.


Saffire grew up with her twin brother whom she could never be torn from. They were unable to be separated, but then one day a man came into her life while she was going under training. The delos family was a pack of moon child werewolves in america that were rebuilding their colony as the volturi had about wiped them all out. but Saffire was a pure born wolf, half human she was born from a human mother and a male werewolf whom was the head of her pack. sadly, her mother died giving birth to her. the man though that came into her life, was her and her brother Daimeon's guard in training. a human that was going to be turned into a werewolf once he got older. Sadly though, one night after he was turned, he rapped Saffire and killed her twin brother Daimeon with the help of her friend. The man ran away with her friend after the murder of her own brother. Swearing revenge, but then after a few weeks they found that she was pregnant at the age of 14; it was a disgrace but her father allowed it since she was the only child he had left.
She gave birth to a son, whom she named after her brother and father at the same time. Their nicknames were Rider. So her son's name ended up being Rider Daimeon Delos. Which was changed to Krayne once she got married to a wonderful man. He was a werewolf, but at the same time half human like her. He was an experiment from a werewolf from another member in her father's pack. They hung out after Rider was born and he helped take care of the baby. The two fell in loveafter a year, and a marriage was performed inside the house hold as Saffire was only 16 years old at the time. But he adopted Rider as his own child, and when SAffire wanted to better herself. She moved with her husband to Eternal Rose where we father agreed to let them be to try and be a family. She attends the college in Jackson City and is a stay at home mother at times. She doesn't really know about the wolf pack in Eternal rose, but smells them alot. She is currently a few weeks pregnant with her and Viktor's first child.

Personality: Kind hearted to the touch, she loves her husband and her son with all her heart. Hates her ex for killing her brother as well as doing what he did. In her mind, she will kill him when she can. A devoted mother, Saffire strives on making peace with the vampires cause she doesn't want to see anyone die anymore. Feeling that enough of them have been wiped out.

- cooking
- Cleaning
- Driving
- running
- Hunting
- History
- Swimming


- Her ex, she wants to kill him.
- Her son and husband
- Dealing with the past
- Rats she hates rats
- Her temper
- full moons

Ability: none

- Daimeon Delos (Twin) (dead)
- Farknar Delos (Father)
- Tyina Yani (mother/human= dead)
- Rider Krayne (Son)
- Viktor Krayne (husband)

- Lucious Howl
None at the moment

Other: drives a mustang


Krayne family (werewolf) Ex_johnny_depp

Name: Viktor Krayne

Gender: Male

Age: 22 years old

Race: human - 3/4 moon child werewolf

Birth Day: Sept 11th

Occupation: Police Officer

Description: a tall dark haired man that always shows a smile to his wife or son. Dressing in casual clothing, he loves a good pair of jeans. more of a country boy, he does keep to his traditional wolf roots that his father put into him. His eyes are silver color as he did not get the human eyes from his mother. His body is thin but well figured at the same time.


Viktor was born into a colony of werewolves, as he was bred to help start a new colony. His mother was a half breed werewolf that died giving birth to him cause of his father's blood lust for a moment. He was raised to be a proud wolf that would protect people and do his best to guard the pack that his family was building. He trained and studied night and day, since the children of the wolves were not allowed off the grounds of the Moon River Manor in washington DC.
He was best friends with Daimeon and a couple of those whom called themselves guards. He did not agree with the human that came into their world that was going to be turned. He was even more pissed with what the man did after being turned. Viktor promised to get revenge for his fallen pack member and for the disgrace that the newly made werewolf placed on the house. He became a law officer as he controlled his abilities to change even on the full moon nights.
He has been kidnapped once and tortured to almost the brink of death, but his father and the pack saved him from the clutches of a vampire coven in which the coven died for this.
when Rider was born, he was already helping Saffire. the woman that he fell in love with. And her son, he started to take care of the child to the point where Rider's first words to him and Saffire, were momma and papa. Viktor fell in love with Saffire and after a year the pack leader married them. After Saffire got her degree from high school, Viktor moved them with the blessings of the pack to Eternal rose. Where Saffire would attend college and he would be a police officer there that will work his way to sheriff. But he found how currupt the sheriff was and planned to get there quickly. Viktor is excited about having a child with Saffire; but when Lucious came up to him with a favor to ask. he was not really thrilled.

Personality:a kind man with a bite to him. He is the nicest man in the world till you go after his family or his pack. Adoring his wife, he lives by the law a bit unless he can bend it to his favor. Being one of the only members of the pack to control his transformation; Viktor had a cold side. he can be cunning and ruthless due to his training for those who dare destroy the pack.

- Torturing
- Fighting/ martial arts
- Mechanic
- Sailing
- Smart
- Farming

- Cats (has an urge to chase them)
- Vampires (gets irratated around them)
- Silver (makes him break out in a rash and get sick)

Ability: control over transformation - Mind block/ can block out mental attacks and those who enter his mind if he wishes.

- father: Baxter Krayne
- Mother: Elina Krayne (dead)
- Wife: Saffire Krayne
- Son: Rider Krayne

- The Moon River Pack in DC
- Lucious

Other: Drives a dodge ram truck


Krayne family (werewolf) 91272521

Name: Rider Krayne

Gender: Male

Age: 5

Race: 3/4 werewolf - human

Birth Day: June 4th 2004

Occupation: student

A small blonde haired child, with a heart of gold. silver eyes like his mothers; his skin is a little tan due to the fact his father was a tan skinned man. standing only a few feet, he is dressed normally in what ever he wants cause Viktor spoils him.

He is a smart child; but doesn't show it cause he is supposed to be five years old. He doesn't know who his real father is, but he believes that Viktor is his father. If anyone told him other wise, he would tell them to go away. Moving to eternal rose this small child had a hard time adjusting since he lived in the Moon River manor with the other pack members. Being around a different scent that wasn't werewolf confused him. He adores a girl named Cross, thinking of her like a big sister since Lucious brings her over once in a while.

Personality: like an normal child. loves his parents, spoiled, happy, gitty. loves sugar though.

- howling
- reading

- Full moons
- Silver
- coconuts - is allergic

Ability: Transformation - and - strong senses. Born to be a tracker

same as Saffire's
- Real father: SAmus Natheonal

- Cross
- kids at school

Other: carries around a little bear.

Krayne family (werewolf) V8l8n7
Dark beings: Demona, Moritos
Vampire: Jasper Hale
Werewolf: Lucious Howl (moon child wolf) / Kraynes: Rider (2), Saffire, Viktor
Humans: Cross Runth (witch - hangs out with wolves imprinted on Zane)
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PostSubject: Re: Krayne family (werewolf)   Krayne family (werewolf) I_icon_minitimeThu Mar 18, 2010 12:33 am

approved you are now part of talon's back.

Krayne family (werewolf) 29yme5i
Krayne family (werewolf) Uwyms
children: Ryder and Riana (Viktor and Saffire's children)
Dark beings: Demona and Moritos
cannon: Jasper Hale
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PostSubject: Re: Krayne family (werewolf)   Krayne family (werewolf) I_icon_minitimeThu Mar 18, 2010 9:35 am

-jumps up and down squealing- AHHHH JOHNNY DEPP!!!!!!!

okay I'm good now ROFL

Krayne family (werewolf) Alice-cullen-ashley-greene-new-moon-1
Krayne family (werewolf) 0000003-2
Krayne family (werewolf) 307ybk3
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PostSubject: Re: Krayne family (werewolf)   Krayne family (werewolf) I_icon_minitime

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Krayne family (werewolf)
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